Coming to college made me meet some of the best friends I ever had. But I also met a different class of friends. Some ever-supportive friends, some seasonal. Some academically better, some worse. Also, my zone-mates, sworn to look after each other, along with whom I spent the toughest times of 1st year, i.e., Ragging Period. And lastly, I made some lady friends. A much anticipated variety, I must add.

This blog would tell you time to time about my adventures with the vibrant multitude of my friend circles. Keep visiting to know and experience about a typical college life, the fun days, from the perspective of a nerdy and unsociable engineering student of India.

Tracing Back, delving into the time when we left our hostel at the end of our first year

Vacations Started, as did my adventures, which is well described ahead

The Targets, a continuation of the previous post, about my chief targets

Brian’s Tutorials, which guided me all through, and rescued me time and again

Leap of Faith, an incident soon after we started off with our second years

The Earliest Mischiefs, some more funny incidents with Missy

Bare Beginnings, about getting Missy’s number, and it might shock you !

The First Conversation, our first phone call

The Night Missy Doesn’t Remember, the name says it all

Missy’s B’day Treat : Part I, Part II and Part III : This event sure deserves a special mention, since it was the first time I met Missy, physically…

Full Moon Night, one of Missy’s obsessions and then, a stunt by Brian

Brian’s Birthday, a hilarious inside story of how birthdays are celebrated in our college

Brian Goes to Prom. Introducing Brian’s best friend and prom-date, Mia…

Mincy Gets Back In, since my episodes with Mincy were far from over. In fact, they had just started… 😉

A Broken Glass Pane, some short stories of events that happened in second year.

The Exam Fever, that affected most of us (excluding me !!), as Semester Exams took over.

Trip with Roomies, Around Kolkata in one day !!

Digital Switchoff, the repercussions of leaving my phone switched off for two days continuously !! And the winter vacations..

South India Trip, with parents and grandma, during the winter holidays.

The Cold Hard Days, a general overview and looking back over my ‘sophomore myself’..

Autonomous Robotics, about the competition I tried to participate in, after the Winter Vacations..


Any Suggestions ?

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