My Birthday Treat

Among all the March Mayhem, there was the 20th anniversary of the day I graced (or disgraced) the earth with my existence. That is, my 20th birthday.

During school, I’ve never quite ‘celebrated’ my birthday. You know, with cake, balloon, party, presents, etc etc. Probably because my birthday always fell on the holidays, generally on the day our annual results !! Neither do I mention the date to people unnecessarily.

So, coming in college too, that was maintained, thanks to my roomies. I asked them to not to make a big deal out of it, and they didn’t. Of course, I had to lure them by the promise of a treat.
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The Night Missy Doesn't Remember - II

The Night Missy Doesn’t Remember – II

Some Sunday evening of February or March ’14, Missy had told me about a marriage party across her street. She was invited there. I was home that night, and intended to catch an early bus the next morning for the Monday classes.

Missy’s next call came sometime around midnight.

She’d been been drinking at the party. More that it was good for her. And coming back to her room, she was pretty drunk.
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South India Trip (Part 2)


< < Look Back : South India Trip (Part 1)

On the 4th day and last day in Chennai, we set off to visit Puducherry (Pondicherry) on a little tourist bus arranged by the tourist company.
Puducherry is connected to Chennai by a highway flanked by enormous buildings and lovely scenarios. This seaside city is known for the ashram of Rishi Aurobindo, and for Auroville.


Plan Layout for Auroville

Our first destination was Auroville. A bit far from the city, but definitely worth a visit if you happen to be nearby. There are exact times limited for visits though.
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Digital Switchoff

As I got on the train back to college after the awesome one-day-trip with friends, I was tired. Really tired. So I took a few naps on the train itself.
It was a superfast train, and by the time I reached my city, buses were making their last trip of the day.
When I reached my hostel by 11 pm that night, my battery was totally down.
So was my mobile’s.
I woke up the next morning at about 9 am, packed my stuff, and headed home.
For the Winter Vacations had started !!
And like every vacation, I had plans for this one too 😉
I was gonna make a model of Iron Man’s Head in my laptop, using a software I had just learnt… 😛Iron Man
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Mincy Gets Back In

Did you wish Happy Birthday to Brian on my behalf ?“, Missy asked.
It was Brian’s birthday, and the evening of the prom. Brian was still panicking in the room about his dresses, and I was talking to Missy over the phone.
Yeah, I did. And he asked me to thank you on his behalf“. It was a blatant lie.
So, how did you guys enjoy ?
Ohh, we enjoyed a lot“, I said, remembering the midnight GPL ceremony, “and he’s going to enjoy right now“.
What do you mean he’s ‘going to enjoy’ ?
Brian is going to dance at the prom with Mia tonight
Mia ? His girlfriend, Mia ?“, Missy asked. Continue reading

Brian’s Birthday

As August of ’13 flew by, phone calls from Missy became frequent.
Very frequent.
Actually, ‘rampant’ is the appropriate word.
And soon, I found myself avoiding her calls a number of times, making the pretext that I had gone out leaving my phone in the room. Well, a number of times it would be true. But, a number of times, leaving the phone wouldn’t be purely unintentional.
But as Missy’s bedtime grew close, we’d have one last call. When she’d talk about her day, and then I’d talk about mine. And while listening to my voice, her replies would fade away, gradually. It was like putting a baby to sleep by telling a bedtime story. Every night, she used to fall asleep in middle of that last call. And then I’d hang up, and return to my room.
And there in my room, would be Brian, with a grin.
Done with your girlfriend ?‘ he would say, smiling at me.
But he did pay for all his smiles, in a single go. Here’s how..

August was over, and September set in. For the rest of the college, September means mid-term exams, turning the pages of some books.
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Full Moon

Full Moon Night

Can you see the moon from there ?‘ Missy asked.
Yeah.. Its full moon today‘ I replied.
Isn’t it beautiful to look at ?
I was stumped by Missy’s sudden recognition of the poetic beauty of the moon. I took a bit time to reply.
Yeah, it’s really nice. This place is all lighted up by the moonlight. The darkness of nighttime is-
Shut up, Abby ! Look at the moon, not the moonlight‘, Missy snapped at me.
Preaching the usefulness of moonlight would be very natural, considering the place I was sitting. It was one of the darkest corners near my room, under the sky. Walking in a wrong direction could lead to falling one floor down, and hit the concrete floor beneath. A little misdirected light is always welcome there. I always went there when I had a call from Missy. It was my ‘private’ spot.
I love to watch the moon. Especially, on a full moon day. I feel so great and alive watching the full moon. I sit on the balcony till I fall asleep‘, Missy had started talking again.
I always knew that you were a werewolf‘, I just could prevent that.
Shut up, Abby. Can’t you ever be serious‘, Missy roared on the other end. Continue reading