Meeting Mincy (Part III)

<< Continued from Part I

After meeting her in front of Bhawani Mall, we went inside to enjoy the movie. Later, we were in an auto-rickshaw, racing down a wet, water-logged Bhubaneswar road, splashing water on either side.
The rickshaw left us at KIIT Square, and Mincy began crossing the road. I had asked her to choose a nice place for my birthday treat, since I was unfamiliar with the fancy restaurants in the area. So I followed her. The destination became clear once she began climbing the steps of a Pizza Hut restaurant !!!

The Tickets Problem, revisited

Again, I had never been to a Pizza Hut before. Even at Dominos, I've never had to order a Pizza myself !!! 😛 My lovely friends always had it covered for me.. I merely payed up later 😉
This time too, I did have a lovely friend beside me. She spoke some jibber jabber to the guy at the counter, I merely payed up !! Lovely when things work out on their own, isn't it ?

The pizza was lovely, of course. I took a few photos, all blurred due to Mincy's persistent resistance to the camera lens. But then, lovelier things began..

A Birthday Gift !!!

Surprise ! Surprise ! Out of her skinny purse came a brown envelope, and two chocolates !! The brown envelope marked 'Archies' contained the nicest Birthday Card I had seen (till then). Cause it was for me !!! 🙂 😛

After we were done with the pizzas, we stepped out. Mincy was taking me to show her college, Kalinga International Institute of Technology (a.k.a. KIIT). We hurriedly walked through the wet KIIT Road, water streams flowing by and little raindrops still pouring over us.

Visiting KIIT..

Mincy, at first, went into her hostel to check herself in, since she had been out for a long time. The KIIT's girls hostel authorities are ridiculously strict over this factor. I waited for her in the steps of a nearby Guest House.

Once done, we walked though the huge yellow gates of her college. She taught me to say 'I forgot my ID card' if a guard asked for it. Nevertheless, such a thing did not happen.
She showed me the C block, the D block, her hostel, the auditorium for playing badminton, and her ‘School’. The SCHOOL of Electrical Engineering.

We went in, since Mincy had to pay her semester fees. While on the queue, she introduced me to three of her friends who came to deposit their fees too. In about fifteen minutes, she was done, and we walked out to the main road amidst a mild drizzle.


It was time to say goodbye. She handed me my card, I spotted a bus that would take me back to CTTC campus. With a minimal goodbye, we parted, to meet again.

And thus the lovely day ended, and so did my month long Bhubaneswar trip. Next morning, with a final glance at the city, we boarded our train back to Howrah..


Krishokoli Ami Tarei Boli : Dedication

She is dark as the message of shower in summer, dark as the shade of flowering woodland; she is dark as the longing for unknown love in the wistful night of May. -Rabindranath Tagore

Dark Lily I have named her
Village folks call her black

On a cloudy day I did see
Dark doe-eyes of the lassie
Veil she had not around her
Her loose braided hair flowing down her back
A dark one? As dark as she may be
Her doe eyes I have seen

Seeing the sky darken with clouds
Moo-ed two cows in dismay
With a hurried, hassled gait
Came the dark lass from her hut
A frown clouding her brows she gazed
Pausing to hear the clouds rumble
A dark one? As dark as she may be
Her doe eyes I have seen

A sudden breeze came from the east
Rippled a wave across the rice fields
I stood alone by the dyke, none else in the fields
Did she look at me?
Only I know, and so does she
A dark one? As dark as she may be
Her doe eyes I have seen

In such ways, the dense clouds
Darken the horizons in May
In such ways, shadows dark & soft
Caress the forests in July
In such ways, on monsoon nights
A sudden delight fills the heart
A dark one? As dark as she may be
Her doe eyes I have seen

Dark Lily I have named her
Let others call her what they may
I saw her at fields of Moynapara
Dark doe-eyes of the lassie
Her face was uncovered
Time she had not to feel abashed
A dark one? As dark as she may be
Her doe eyes I have seen

Meeting Mincy (Part I)

On Sunday, 29th June, Mincy came back to Bhubaneswar for her new semester at college. I had offered to go receive her at the station, but she refused. Though Brian did suggest to show up as a surprise, but I decided against it. A day before, I visited her college campus with a few friends walking all the way via KIIT Road and Patia Square.

29th June, 2014

It was a troubling day for us at the hostel. No electricity, hence no water supply the whole day.
In the evening, after settling down at her hostel, Mincy asked me…
wanna meet up today ?
I couldn’t bathe today!!! Be careful what you wish for ..

We were running out of daylight anyway, so we decided to put the thought to rest. We’d catch up over a movie the next day. Instead, David and I visited a place called Maket Building. After asking directions froma mad/stoned guy, and lots of roaming around, we finally found the place. An abysmally crowded, immense, variety marketplace with supposedly cheaper prices. A veritable haven for shopaholics and window-shoppers, broadly, girls. If you’re a guy, don’t even THINK about it.

Briefly, after we returned back to hostel, it began raining, heavily.

30th June, 2014

The rain had decimated to a drizzle by the morning. But my hopes of catching a movie seemed lean. We had four movies to choose from.
A lame-ass movie (Humshakals)
A superb movie (!!! Transformers 3 !!!)
A movie that Mincy had already seen (Holiday), or,
A movie that had been running Housefull (Ek Villian) !!!
Sadly, girls don’t like Transformer movies (Why GOD, why ?!!!)..
So, at 10 am, I was running to get an auto to INOX. By 10:30 am, I reached the mall where it was present. Yeah, the crowd was real..

Getting a ticket

Till then, I’ve never had to buy a movie ticket. Usually, when I went out for a movie, my friends would have that covered ! I merely payed up later..
2 tickets, please.
Which movie, sir ?
Ek Villian
Which show ? 11: 50 ?
The seats looked like almost the middle of the Hall. It couldn’t be that bad, would it ?
240 rupees, Sir
I handed him a card, dialled the pin.. Yay !! Tickets !!
I called Mincy, and told her to come.

The Wait..

10:45 am. Now all I had to do was wait.. And wait.. And get nervous.. And stare at the drizzle..
Okayy.. Lets call Brian, inform him of the recent developments..
The number you have called is on an international land. International call charges would —
What the hell, Brian ??!!
In the text chat that ensued, Brian convinced me that I’m gonna definitely screw up, so there’s no need to worry at all..
And more waiting..
A restaurant in front of me had the name ‘DFC’. If KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken, guess what DFC could be. Dursley’s. Durgapur. Dallas. Denver. Dubai. Darjeeling. Delhi. Dehradun.
Bored.. Bored.. Bored..
The drizzle had not stopped.
Its almost 11:30. Where is she ? Should I get a snack? What if she came now?
I called her, she was on her way.
11:40 am. Is that her ? Nope. That ? Or that one ? No. Nah. Nope.

That drenched curly flowing hair ? The familiar purple dress ?
Yep. Thats her. Looking the other way. Finally found you.
Small purse. Where’s my gift ? No gift ?!! Grr…

To be continued…

Mincy, my ‘Timepass’ friend (!?#@!!?!?@!#?!?)

Once the class duration reduced to 3 hours a day, I had plenty of free time all day. And nothing much to do, except chat with Mincy. Or practice the software I was training for, which I rarely did.
One of these days, I asked Mincy..
-I’m so bored. What to do ?
-go call ur Missy…
Ever since I told Mincy about my acquaintance with Missy and my blog, she had been following this blog very minutely. And she didn’t miss any chance to taunt me.
-Granted I have nothing to do.. but this !! No thanks..
-tsk tsk.. wat kind of boyfrnd r u?     (This was crossing the line…)
-boyfrnd ??!!#%#@?!?**&&@!?!?@#%##!!??
yuck.. eww.. no.. I’m not anybdy’s boyfrnd..
Mincy, however, was accustomed to this, referring me as the ‘Anti-Romantic’ !!
-okay, control.. what a reaction !!
wen u see ur wife, will u gv such a reactn ??
or, if u ever fall for sum1.. wat will u do??
-wife.. y shud I get a headache worrying about all those now?
-true.. still, Didn’t u evr hv a crush on any1.. all these years?
-Sure, I’m a champion in getting crushes..
wat kind of persn do u thnk I am..
I fall for people, stand up, and fall for them again.. 😉
-I thought u were just a simple, sober, n quiet boy..
Hahaha !! Fell, stood up, and fell again !! for whom ?     (Pirate !! Portside, Full Throttle, Arms Ready !!)
Uh-oh !! Just knowing Missy’s name, she makes such comments. What would happen if I gave out more names. Plus, its never a good idea to tell secrets to a gossiping girl like her.
-those are prehistoric news, archived. No entry, no access..     (Mayday !! Mayday !! We’re under attack !!)
-C’mon, tell me the name of ONE of your crushes.. Who would I tell ?
-No, I don’t say these to anybody.. y shud I breach that code ?     (Hold your position !!)
-Y shud u nt? u need 2 share ur secrets with sum1..
-I do share.. with my roomies and my cousin brother only..     (Run for the lifeboats !!)
-Means I’m just a timepass friend to you ?
Plain emotional blackmail..
Just the way I hated it..
The same old flavour, about half an year back.
I guess it would have been easier, if I simply said that I never had a crush. Sometimes the outcomes just makes you feel guilty for speaking your heart.
No, I had swam in these waters before. Not again.

For two days I didn’t chat with her on the pretext of a bad network connection. In the meantime, she came back to her college, KIIT, to her new hostel..
On an unrelated note, a very similar stand-off was happening between Brian and Mia too, in a similar time frame..

Bhubaneswar Trip : Dhauli and Museum

The 3rd week was a relaxed one. I received the 2nd certificate of the month, for a project I did there. With just 3 hours of classes each day, I had lots of time to watch movies and sleep.
As the weekend came about, we decided to visit a place called Dhauli. King Ashoka constructed Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda) at this place when he became a buddhist after seeing the destruction in the Battle of Kalinga.
Later, we also decided to visit a museum as suggested by Mincy.

So, on 22nd of June, we geared up for Dhauli. First we went to the railway station’s bus stop, MasterCanteen. By now, the pastry and drinks shop at the corner of the bus stop had become our information booth. Everytime we needed to ask about busses, we’d go there. 😛
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Bhubaneswar Trip : Khandagiri and Udaygiri

It was 15th June, the second Sunday since our classes had started at CTTC, Bhubaneswar. Like the last day, I kicked David out of sleep at around 7:30 am. We took a bus to the railway station, to get a reservation for our journey back home once all the courses ended, on 1st July.

Once that business was taken care of, we went to the bus stop, searching for a bus to Khandagiri. A guy pointed us to a dusty rusty small bus standing in a side. Apparently Khandagiri is on route no. 801.
After about half an hour of bumpy ride, the bus dropped us at a four-road-crossing. We asked around and finally reached the foot of the two hills.

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