Hi! I’m a student of Mechanical Engineering Dept. at National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India. A blogger and painter by hobby, I’m a friendly, caring, and homely guy. A bit shy at first, but I’m enough to make you crazy once you get to know me properly 😉 Happy-go-lucky, good-for-nothing, honest, frank, the-google-guy according to roomies, I overreact at times, but that’s me…

 Ever since childhood, my parent told me that good grades would bring me good friends, which probably, I took a bit too seriously. I was a topper in my primary classes, the ‘good boy’ of teachers. I won every fight, was considered the ultimate judge of any academic dispute. Everybody talked with me, so much, that teachers had to change my seat regularly. However, every time I would re-initiate talking in my new neighbourhood, thus making more friends and defeating the purpose of the change.

Today, among thousands of such toppers, I am not a topper of the class anymore. But looking at the state of relations I presently have, I am tempted to review the reason I acquired so many friends in primary school. Was it because I was some great guy? Did I have an attractive personality, great communication skills or some other mystic power? Or, was it because somebody’s parents told them, “See, that’s the topper. Be friends with him, learn his good habits. Be like him.” ?

Making friends had always been a very big deal with me. Considering it a big deal probably amplified the problem. When I went to my middle school, there were new faces all around. Ever since then, making friends gradually turned into ‘achieving’ friends. There are some people, who can easily involve a stranger into talking, and make connections with them in minutes, and talk to them for hours. I am an exact opposite of these people. However, I did find some pretty good friends who helped me survive high school.


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