Meeting Mincy (Part III)

<< Continued from Part I

After meeting her in front of Bhawani Mall, we went inside to enjoy the movie. Later, we were in an auto-rickshaw, racing down a wet, water-logged Bhubaneswar road, splashing water on either side.
The rickshaw left us at KIIT Square, and Mincy began crossing the road. I had asked her to choose a nice place for my birthday treat, since I was unfamiliar with the fancy restaurants in the area. So I followed her. The destination became clear once she began climbing the steps of a Pizza Hut restaurant !!!

The Tickets Problem, revisited

Again, I had never been to a Pizza Hut before. Even at Dominos, I've never had to order a Pizza myself !!! 😛 My lovely friends always had it covered for me.. I merely payed up later 😉
This time too, I did have a lovely friend beside me. She spoke some jibber jabber to the guy at the counter, I merely payed up !! Lovely when things work out on their own, isn't it ?

The pizza was lovely, of course. I took a few photos, all blurred due to Mincy's persistent resistance to the camera lens. But then, lovelier things began..

A Birthday Gift !!!

Surprise ! Surprise ! Out of her skinny purse came a brown envelope, and two chocolates !! The brown envelope marked 'Archies' contained the nicest Birthday Card I had seen (till then). Cause it was for me !!! 🙂 😛

After we were done with the pizzas, we stepped out. Mincy was taking me to show her college, Kalinga International Institute of Technology (a.k.a. KIIT). We hurriedly walked through the wet KIIT Road, water streams flowing by and little raindrops still pouring over us.

Visiting KIIT..

Mincy, at first, went into her hostel to check herself in, since she had been out for a long time. The KIIT's girls hostel authorities are ridiculously strict over this factor. I waited for her in the steps of a nearby Guest House.

Once done, we walked though the huge yellow gates of her college. She taught me to say 'I forgot my ID card' if a guard asked for it. Nevertheless, such a thing did not happen.
She showed me the C block, the D block, her hostel, the auditorium for playing badminton, and her ‘School’. The SCHOOL of Electrical Engineering.

We went in, since Mincy had to pay her semester fees. While on the queue, she introduced me to three of her friends who came to deposit their fees too. In about fifteen minutes, she was done, and we walked out to the main road amidst a mild drizzle.


It was time to say goodbye. She handed me my card, I spotted a bus that would take me back to CTTC campus. With a minimal goodbye, we parted, to meet again.

And thus the lovely day ended, and so did my month long Bhubaneswar trip. Next morning, with a final glance at the city, we boarded our train back to Howrah..


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