Meeting Mincy (Part I)

On Sunday, 29th June, Mincy came back to Bhubaneswar for her new semester at college. I had offered to go receive her at the station, but she refused. Though Brian did suggest to show up as a surprise, but I decided against it. A day before, I visited her college campus with a few friends walking all the way via KIIT Road and Patia Square.

29th June, 2014

It was a troubling day for us at the hostel. No electricity, hence no water supply the whole day.
In the evening, after settling down at her hostel, Mincy asked me…
wanna meet up today ?
I couldn’t bathe today!!! Be careful what you wish for ..

We were running out of daylight anyway, so we decided to put the thought to rest. We’d catch up over a movie the next day. Instead, David and I visited a place called Maket Building. After asking directions froma mad/stoned guy, and lots of roaming around, we finally found the place. An abysmally crowded, immense, variety marketplace with supposedly cheaper prices. A veritable haven for shopaholics and window-shoppers, broadly, girls. If you’re a guy, don’t even THINK about it.

Briefly, after we returned back to hostel, it began raining, heavily.

30th June, 2014

The rain had decimated to a drizzle by the morning. But my hopes of catching a movie seemed lean. We had four movies to choose from.
A lame-ass movie (Humshakals)
A superb movie (!!! Transformers 3 !!!)
A movie that Mincy had already seen (Holiday), or,
A movie that had been running Housefull (Ek Villian) !!!
Sadly, girls don’t like Transformer movies (Why GOD, why ?!!!)..
So, at 10 am, I was running to get an auto to INOX. By 10:30 am, I reached the mall where it was present. Yeah, the crowd was real..

Getting a ticket

Till then, I’ve never had to buy a movie ticket. Usually, when I went out for a movie, my friends would have that covered ! I merely payed up later..
2 tickets, please.
Which movie, sir ?
Ek Villian
Which show ? 11: 50 ?
The seats looked like almost the middle of the Hall. It couldn’t be that bad, would it ?
240 rupees, Sir
I handed him a card, dialled the pin.. Yay !! Tickets !!
I called Mincy, and told her to come.

The Wait..

10:45 am. Now all I had to do was wait.. And wait.. And get nervous.. And stare at the drizzle..
Okayy.. Lets call Brian, inform him of the recent developments..
The number you have called is on an international land. International call charges would —
What the hell, Brian ??!!
In the text chat that ensued, Brian convinced me that I’m gonna definitely screw up, so there’s no need to worry at all..
And more waiting..
A restaurant in front of me had the name ‘DFC’. If KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken, guess what DFC could be. Dursley’s. Durgapur. Dallas. Denver. Dubai. Darjeeling. Delhi. Dehradun.
Bored.. Bored.. Bored..
The drizzle had not stopped.
Its almost 11:30. Where is she ? Should I get a snack? What if she came now?
I called her, she was on her way.
11:40 am. Is that her ? Nope. That ? Or that one ? No. Nah. Nope.

That drenched curly flowing hair ? The familiar purple dress ?
Yep. Thats her. Looking the other way. Finally found you.
Small purse. Where’s my gift ? No gift ?!! Grr…

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Meeting Mincy (Part I)

    • I got the seats available farthest from the screen (and that was almost the middle of the hall). Every seat behind it was booked.. :/
      The movie had been running housefull for quite a few days by then !!


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