Mincy, my ‘Timepass’ friend (!?#@!!?!?@!#?!?)

Once the class duration reduced to 3 hours a day, I had plenty of free time all day. And nothing much to do, except chat with Mincy. Or practice the software I was training for, which I rarely did.
One of these days, I asked Mincy..
-I’m so bored. What to do ?
-go call ur Missy…
Ever since I told Mincy about my acquaintance with Missy and my blog, she had been following this blog very minutely. And she didn’t miss any chance to taunt me.
-Granted I have nothing to do.. but this !! No thanks..
-tsk tsk.. wat kind of boyfrnd r u?     (This was crossing the line…)
-boyfrnd ??!!#%#@?!?**&&@!?!?@#%##!!??
yuck.. eww.. no.. I’m not anybdy’s boyfrnd..
Mincy, however, was accustomed to this, referring me as the ‘Anti-Romantic’ !!
-okay, control.. what a reaction !!
wen u see ur wife, will u gv such a reactn ??
or, if u ever fall for sum1.. wat will u do??
-wife.. y shud I get a headache worrying about all those now?
-true.. still, Didn’t u evr hv a crush on any1.. all these years?
-Sure, I’m a champion in getting crushes..
wat kind of persn do u thnk I am..
I fall for people, stand up, and fall for them again.. 😉
-I thought u were just a simple, sober, n quiet boy..
Hahaha !! Fell, stood up, and fell again !! for whom ?     (Pirate !! Portside, Full Throttle, Arms Ready !!)
Uh-oh !! Just knowing Missy’s name, she makes such comments. What would happen if I gave out more names. Plus, its never a good idea to tell secrets to a gossiping girl like her.
-those are prehistoric news, archived. No entry, no access..     (Mayday !! Mayday !! We’re under attack !!)
-C’mon, tell me the name of ONE of your crushes.. Who would I tell ?
-No, I don’t say these to anybody.. y shud I breach that code ?     (Hold your position !!)
-Y shud u nt? u need 2 share ur secrets with sum1..
-I do share.. with my roomies and my cousin brother only..     (Run for the lifeboats !!)
-Means I’m just a timepass friend to you ?
Plain emotional blackmail..
Just the way I hated it..
The same old flavour, about half an year back.
I guess it would have been easier, if I simply said that I never had a crush. Sometimes the outcomes just makes you feel guilty for speaking your heart.
No, I had swam in these waters before. Not again.

For two days I didn’t chat with her on the pretext of a bad network connection. In the meantime, she came back to her college, KIIT, to her new hostel..
On an unrelated note, a very similar stand-off was happening between Brian and Mia too, in a similar time frame..


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