Bhubaneswar Trip : Khandagiri and Udaygiri

It was 15th June, the second Sunday since our classes had started at CTTC, Bhubaneswar. Like the last day, I kicked David out of sleep at around 7:30 am. We took a bus to the railway station, to get a reservation for our journey back home once all the courses ended, on 1st July.

Once that business was taken care of, we went to the bus stop, searching for a bus to Khandagiri. A guy pointed us to a dusty rusty small bus standing in a side. Apparently Khandagiri is on route no. 801.
After about half an hour of bumpy ride, the bus dropped us at a four-road-crossing. We asked around and finally reached the foot of the two hills.

On the left, was Khandagiri. We ventured on the right, since it looked better.

Udaygiri, as viewed from Khandagiri

Udaygiri used to be the home of Jain monks who made caves for meditation. Some restoration work has been done. The top of the hill gives a lovely view of the city. There are thick bushes in the back side. Word of caution : Those bushes serve as private meeting spots for lovebirds from KIIT (Source : Mincy).

Say hi to David !!

Say hi to David !!


Anyway, we wandered through the bushes following roads formed due to frequent walking. And we finally ended up coming through a broken boundary wall leading to a parking spot for tourist vehicles !!!

Some of the bushes looked nice...

Some of the bushes looked nice…

Khandagiri, as seen from Udaygiri

Next was Khandagiri. We had some juice on the way, since the sun was frowning upon us.
Khandagiri, didn’t really have much to offer. There was a Shiva Temple at the peak, recently constructed, or at least heavily modified. There was a hawan kund and some trees.

The hawan kund

Beware of the monkeys !!

That was all for the day, we went back to station on a similar bus, found a Bengali hotel to have lunch, and headed back to CTTC campus. I was learning 2 softwares and doing a project that came with the package. Nine hours of back-to-back classes meant I had to skip lunch everyday, till one of the courses and the project finished on 14th.
Both Mincy and I had received our certificates the previous day for our respective courses. As for me, I had a 3 hour class everyday for the rest the month.

For more accurate informations, visit : Gobinda Roy’s Blog


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