Tying up the Loose Ends

The second day in Bhubaneswar, I had left my college classmates living in a PG far from the CTTC campus, to live in a hostel room within the campus, with David. Harry had followed me along with his friend. I didn’t like either of them. Later, two other boys, Garold and Derek came in. Thus, the six of us were going to be month-long room-mates.

The two boys were from the same state, laughing and jovial all the time. Garold, a self-taught break-dancer, had already gained recognition in the state reality shows, and was hoping to break the ice with a national platform. He was studying Mechanical Engineering in a private college of Balasore. The other, Derek, son of a military-man and a student of Civil Engineering in a local polytechnic college, was the inquisitive and energetic one.

The day we moved in to the room, i.e.,1st of June, was Sunday. Me and David wandered out in the evening. The nearest marketplace, ‘Shailshree Vihar‘, was about a kilometre from the CTTC campus. Outside the campus, Google Maps in my phone began working. We walked to the marketplace, bought copies for our classes. I also got myself an earphone.

2nd June

The next day, Monday, we were to complete the formalities for the admission.

Room 23 for CATIA, Room 27 for ANSYS. The two courses I went there for.
Before that, I needed to deposit the money in a challan in a ‘Bank of Baroda’.
At that bank, there was a queue like snake’s trail, and confused students were roaming around like flies. I decided to get a draft issued instead, from a nearby bank. The queue was less there, since issuing a draft incurs extra charges. About an hour later, I came out with the two drafts for the two courses.
The ANSYS room was empty. I submitted the draft, and they gave the time slot of 10 am to 1 o’clock.
Next I entered the crowded room for CATIA admissions. After waiting for my turn for over half-an-hour, they took the draft, handed me a stamped paper, and directed me to go to Room 31. This one was for submissions and verifications. Room 31 was where I got my time allocated after another half-an hour of jostling through the crowd. I’d be taking my CATIA classes from 4 to 7 pm in the evening.
There was still another thing left, submitting the Hostel fees. By the time that was done, it was beyond noon, and I was pretty exhausted. Later in the evening, David and I wandered well into Infocity, after a heavy snack.

Tuesday, 3rd of June

Our classes finally started. We were given a formal introduction, and few notes.
I was able to have a little chat with Mincy in the morning. She was doing a training in a Power Plant, and was having a hard time, with her busy schedule.
I was also stuck in classes till 7 in the evening, leaving little time for roaming around.
Anyway, David and I managed to walk till Damini Chak, and have a taste of Bhubaneswar’s fuchka (gupchup), a watery and spicy road-side delicacy. We also tracked down a pub Mincy had talked about, only to find that it had closed down. 😀

The next day, we walked in another direction, leading to KIIT road, passing by Mincy’s college entrance. In the subsequent days, we had covered the major roads around the CTTC campus. We got a lock and keys, an extensor, and a bucket and mug for the room. Also, I discovered that I could chat if I put my SIM in David’s phone !!! Bye bye net connectivity problems 😉
Saturday evening, we had a new problem. Where to visit on Sunday, the sole holiday of the week ? Read on…


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