Another Vacation !!!

So, my two-month-long summer vacation began on 7th May 2014, thus completing one year since this story took off !
Thank you, thank you…

It’d been a great run, throughout the sophomore year. Another year of surviving college, enjoying hostel life, being seniors, making friends. We had grown, no more mere ‘first-years’, now experienced, independent.

This vacation was no less epic than the one a year ago…
However this time, the plans were less recreational and more academic.

The Plans
CTTC, Bhubaneswar

CTTC, Bhubaneswar

As I had written before, I was going for a coaching in Bhubaneswar in summer. In an organization called CTTC. I had signed up for two software courses in June. So, for the rest 3 weeks of May, I was stuck at home.

A poster of Prison Break

I got all four seasons of ‘Prison Break’, and I intended to complete it as well !!

My friends in other colleges still had their exams coming. So, I decided to make a good use of the time. I got two books on two software – SolidWorks and MatLab. The plan was to finish them by May.

Vacation Started !!!

The vacation had an awkward start. Attending a marriage ceremony of some cousin I’d never met.
A place buzzing with relatives, little-known or unknown. Among that crowd, I found just two guys of my age group, technically nephews. They seemed to know more people than me. So I tagged along, listening to their blabbering to pass my time.

On 16th May, somebody mistakenly recharged my number with 200 rupees 😀


I got my first digital camera, a Nikon CoolPix L29, specifically for my Bhubaneswar tour. I also got a stroller, to carry my immense luggage. 🙂

Some time around then, Brian was back at college and toiling for a project under one of his professors. Well, not exactly ‘toiling’, unless you believe him !!
So, on 23rd May, I went to hostel to give him a li’l company. More importantly because I wanted to see a movie…

This was an awesome movie...

‘X-Men : Days of Future Past’ was hitting the screens that day !! It was one awesome movie…


The luggage, just before leaving

By 27th, my mom had started some serious fussing about my preparations. Then she began taking matters into own hands. And hence, by the evening of 30th May, I was all set.

Night at the station

At 9 pm, after having dinner, dad drove me to the nearest railway station. I boarded the next available train to Howrah..

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Once again, back to that same station.

I reached Howrah around 2 am, so about five hours to kill. I chained the trolley to a seat, and using the back pack as pillow, dozed off.

At about 5 o’clock in the morning, I finally woke up, brushed, had a coffee, and sat down on a seat checking out the hustling-bustling crowd passing by. By around 7 o’clock, my train arrived at the station. I found my seat and loaded my luggage.
At just about 7:20 am, with a minor jolt and a loud whistle, the train began moving. And thus began another exciting trip.

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