My Birthday Treat

Among all the March Mayhem, there was the 20th anniversary of the day I graced (or disgraced) the earth with my existence. That is, my 20th birthday.

During school, I’ve never quite ‘celebrated’ my birthday. You know, with cake, balloon, party, presents, etc etc. Probably because my birthday always fell on the holidays, generally on the day our annual results !! Neither do I mention the date to people unnecessarily.

So, coming in college too, that was maintained, thanks to my roomies. I asked them to not to make a big deal out of it, and they didn’t. Of course, I had to lure them by the promise of a treat.

On the midnight of my birthday, there was plain wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the topic was closed. None of the celebrations like in Brian’s Birthday. (Thank God !!!)
Okay, there may have been or two birthday bumps. ‘GPL’, its called, in our college lingo.
Fine, four of them. By roomies. That’s all.
Other than my roomies, only two other people knew of my birthday. Mincy and Missy. Mincy called at midnight to wish me. Missy wished me via SMS. She called in the morning.


The restaurant where we went for the treat

The Birthday Treat happened on 31st March. We planned to go to a restaurant called ‘Mehak-e-Punjab‘ in the Junction Mall, nearby.

Brian, Andy and I got prepared to go, but Hank was taking a lot of time to dress up. While we were waiting in the corridors for him, Brian and Andy went missing !! On the other hand, Hank refused to part with his notes to get ready !!

I was furious. So I bolted the door from outside, and began walking towards the restaurant on my own, hoping to find Brian and Andy. When I couldn’t find them till the main gate of college, I called Brian. He didn’t answer at first. When he did, he talked in very vague terms. Soon after, Hank called me, asking me to come back and unbolt the door, promising to come as soon as possible.

A guy next door unbolted it for him. Hank joined me at the main gate after at least 15-20 minutes. Then I dragged Hank towards the restaurant, pushing or pulling him all the way because of his ridiculously sloth walking speed. Brian and Andy weren’t still there !!

A few minutes later, they arrived, and were somewhat shocked to see us. And then Brian did a very weird thing. He said, “I’ll go check if the restaurant is open, you guys wait outside“.

He and Andy went in, and came back a moment later. They had some sort of package in their hand while entering, which had disappeared when they came out. I sensed something was going on, so I kept quiet.

So finally, we were reunited again that night. We went in, and ordered our food.

And lo! With our first order arriving, the waiter brought that missing package and placed it beside me !! At first, I thought they were returning it. Then I noticed some scribbling on the side. That’s when I realized, it was my birthday gift !!

It was a deodorant, since I never bothered to get one myself. We clicked some pics before returning to hostel.

Wrapping Paper

The Wrapping Paper with the scribbling

Mincy got her treat too, later that year, when we met at a far away city called ‘Bhubaneswar’.

As for Missy, we kept scheduling and re-scheduling. But she always made an excuse , be it her college, or tuition. After months of this, she finally did agree, to come to my city on 6th May, after our exams finished. But she cancelled on that too !! That’s when I stopped calling her.


Any Suggestions ?

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