Mia’s Birthday Present

The spring semester was a funny time. In January, I started off with something I had never laid my hands on, Autonomous Robotics !! Sure, it didn’t go too well, but it was fun.

And once, during a DJ night at a college fest, I was officially drunk, and ended up dancing with Brian, Mia and the rest of their troupe. ‘Officially’ drunk though, ’cause my room-mates said that I was as crazy as I’m normally.

And there was the time when everybody began changing their names and profile photos on facebook. Some became their favourite politician, celebrity, or some iconic professor of the college. Our news-feeds turned into a crazy mess !!

Sometime then, Mia had her birthday.
A few weeks before that, Brian went crazy, taking a heavy toll on our peace. He was trying to determine a perfect birthday gift for Mia.

At first, the plan was to make a collage, but apparently someone was already doing it.
Then Brian struck the idea of making a whole website for her !! It was to describe the various stages of their friendship, a sort of digital yearbook.

Brian entrusted me with writing up the basic content for the site. He promised to tell me everything about their friendship later on.
And Brian wanted to add some image-clicking thingy in it, so he began studying that stuff a lot.

interviewSo, one fine evening, we sat on the roof of our mess, and Brian began narrating the story of his friendship with Mia since first year. How they met, their first call, the birthday parties, and tons of other stuff that happened during the span of their friendship till then. I still have the recordings of those narrations in my phone !!

So, my idea was to start off the website with an introductory video for the various sections of the site. Every page would’ve had some smaller video or GIF describing an incident.
So, I made the characters for the video, got a basic video-editing software, saw a few tutorials, and with my knowledge of Powerpoint, made an introductory video.

At that point, Brian and I had a little stand-off about some petty matter. So, I told Brian that I couldn’t help him about the gift, as I was busy studying for my Mid-Sems. (That was a pure lie. I should’ve gotten a medal for wasting time during that semester)

Also, when he asked for the files, I said I had deleted them. (Actually, I had hidden the files under different name in my laptop)
Ultimately, the plan for Mia’s website transcended to a single video roughly based on that earlier introductory video, that Brian made mostly himself.


A glimpse of the 4-minute video that Brian finally made

However, on Mia’s Birthday, the video froze while Brian was checking it for one last time before showing it off to Mia. Apparently, Brian remade the video, and that worked out all good in front of Mia.
So, all’s well that ends well.

Concerned individuals may note that offering people something and not delivering may not always be funny, and may have consequences.

As our fourth semester proceeded towards the end, everybody started worrying about their training and internships for summer. Mia got a reply to her email, and was chosen as an intern in a premier institute of the country.
Towards the end, Brian got into a project too, under a professor in his department. Mincy was yet to decide if she’d do a training at a thermal power plant at Farakka, or at a power grid in Durgapur.

Thanks to our sluggy department and its stupid HOD, I couldn’t get a vocational training application signed in time. So I signed up for a month-long software course instead, in a different state.
And that’s where I finally met Mincy !!!


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