The Proposal

This is the story of me proposing Mincy.
Yeah.. You read it right.
It was the second week of February’14, the week of love. Mincy was having her Mid-Semester Exams that week.
But even then, we wished each other everyday.

Back in those days, we both were madly in love with an American TV Series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S…


It’s the only show that we both like, till-date !!

Other than this, Mincy only likes the romantic, sad-ending, teary shows, the ones I absolutely loathe. I like action, comedy, or at least science-fiction, which Mincy regards as total bullshit. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the only show where our likings converged.

It began on 9th Feb, the Chocolate Day. She had wished me first that day, and demanded chocolate. I had said:
You’ll get a chocolate, subject to a condition. And the condition will be presented to you on the 14th..
ie, the day her exams ended.

Then came the Kiss Day, and I texted her a great wish in the morning. It went something like :
Did you know that approximately 10000 germs, 14000 bacteria and 50000 pathogens are transferred from one person’s mouth to another’s during each kiss 🙂
Happy Kiss Day 🙂 😀

Later that day, she thanked me, saying :

So, Valentine’s Day came, and Mincy wished me in the morning.
In the evening, once her exams were over, she complained :

Backup chatbox


It was a F.R.I.E.N.D.S dialogue !!!


We laughed and joked about it till it was quite late, and I was sleepy. So I left her with her post-exam celebrations.
And by the way, she said yes 😉 😀
And since got herself a Backup, she didn’t get the chocolate. That was the condition.
But, she got a whole party, a few months later, when we met.

Brian had used the same line on Mia, though he hadn’t waited till Valentine’s Day.


Any Suggestions ?

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