Digital Switchoff

As I got on the train back to college after the awesome one-day-trip with friends, I was tired. Really tired. So I took a few naps on the train itself.
It was a superfast train, and by the time I reached my city, buses were making their last trip of the day.
When I reached my hostel by 11 pm that night, my battery was totally down.
So was my mobile’s.
I woke up the next morning at about 9 am, packed my stuff, and headed home.
For the Winter Vacations had started !!
And like every vacation, I had plans for this one too 😉
I was gonna make a model of Iron Man’s Head in my laptop, using a software I had just learnt… 😛Iron Man
And then I was going with my family for a fortnight-long trip to South India !!

Once I reached my home, I left my phone on my desk (which was switched off already), my lappy on a table, and slept.. and slept on.
Ohh.. what magic my own bed had. 🙂
I slept heavily over the next two days, waking only to eat, or for chit-chatting with parents. I didn’t bother to charge my phone, or to check my fb notifications.
Later on, I had charged my phone to check on Brian and Hank, and to chat with Mincy.
That very night, my phone had ringed twice, but being on ‘silent’ mode, it had made no noise.
The third time, its vibration woke me up. It was Missy.
Her voice screamed at me as I finally picked it up.

Missy had been excessively overbearing and moody those months. I don’t know since when I had begun to have an obligation to call her daily.
Not that we ever talked much. I’m not of a talkative kind, and Missy had hardly anything to say at all. But still she would call me for no apparent reason. Most frustrating of her calls were those when she would read out her whatsapp messages to me. ‘Oh, Helena sent a photo of the cake she baked. It looks tasty !! Wonder what should I reply’, she would blabber on the phone. Missy was feeling to be less friendly and more of a burden with each call.

I knew that no meaningful conversation was possible with her. Not while she was cursing me over the phone for not calling her for three days straight.

Mincy had her birthday a few days later. I searched a few sites on my mobile for a cute b’day wish. Ultimately, I made up one for her at the last moment.

Mincy's Birthday Wish

Mincy’s Birthday Wish

After a few days, I found out about a robotics competition in a college I’d visited in my first year. I developed a possible model for the robot on laptop. However, I was a newbie, and it was a group event. My other group-mates were distant and on holiday. So, ultimately, things didn’t quite work out, and we couldn’t participate.

At last the 25th of December closed in and we began packing.
My grandma, parents and I, a total of four people.
And we were going South India…


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