A Broken Glass Pane

29/09/14 : Death? Suicide? Mystery...

Usually when I wake up, there’s a hustle bustle of students getting ready for classes, and cursing their professors for early classes.
That morning, it was replaced by a hush-hush tone. People gathered out of their rooms, discussing something in the corridors, looking worried.
Suddenly, a guy from the next room saw me wake up.
You were still sleeping ?!! Do you have any idea what has happened ?
What happened ?“, I asked with the least concern. It looked like a strike. What I heard in reply, had me stumped.
A guy had been found dead. His body was lying in a dark corner outside the extension building of our hostel. No sign of blood, nor snake bite. The police came hours later, and the body was removed soon after.
The college came to a standstill for the day. In the evening, there was a candlelight march.
The media, found a hint of ragging in this, and cooked up their own story. According to them the person was pushed off the roof by some final years.
About a week ago, a guy got stabbed over a fight between two groups, and they did the very same thing, reporting it as ragging, and presenting a highly distorted story.
For weeks, these two incidents remained the hot topic of discussion. In the mess, in the classes, in the rooms. Everybody tried their hand in explaining the death, playing detective.
Weeks turned into months and these incidents were gradually forgotten.
But not quite yet..

08/11/14 : My Suicide Attempt

!! CRACK !!
The loud sound of breaking glass jolted me out of my sleep. I lazily opened my eyes to see what was going on.
There was a huge crack in the window pane beside me. A bearded face appeared through the crack. I thought there was a terrorist attack, only to later realize that it was my roomie, Andy.
I quickly unlocked the door for him.
For goodness sake, why didn’t you open the door before ?“, Andy began yelling as he entered.
Before what ?!! when ?!!“, I was still in half-sleep mode.

The Broken Glass Pane

The Broken Glass Pane

For half an hour, I was knocking and yelling. What kind of sleep do you have, man ?
Really ? But you had to break that window for that ? Couldn’t you have just waited in another room ?“, I yelled back at him. That broken window was gonna give us a hard time.
After all these killings and suicides in this hostel, I got frightened. I saw u lying on the bed motionless, and the room was totally dark. I thought that Missy has told you something. And you’ve committed suicide. You know how much I fear ghosts and darkness.

No doubt we cursed Andy a lot. Our repeated complaints at the maintenance department were of no avail. The window pane is still broken. The broken pane caused a lot of problem as winter gradually settled in, especially to me, since my bed was the one closest to the window.

26/11/14 : Mistresses

Thank you” , I said, receiving the delivery of the departmental T-shirt.
We’ll have a photo-shoot with those on, soon“, said Manny, as he handed me the packet.
Yeah, that would be awesome.“, I said, shutting the door, as he proceeded to deliver the remaining.
It was pretty cold. Winter had just set in. And our semester-end exams were going on, after which, winter holidays were to begin.
By the way, did you get yourself a girlfriend ?“, Manny’s face reappeared, this time at the broken pane of the window.
No!“, I replied, surprised.
You seem to be talking to someone on the phone quite often“, he said. He must have noticed me pacing in the roof, where I go when I have a call, especially if it is from Missy.
It’s just a friend“, I replied. As I had expected, he didn’t accept my answer.
A guy or a girl ? ” he enquired again, smiling at me.
Girl“, I said.
Welcome to the team, buddy“, he winked at me, and left. It was useless to argue with Manny.
At least he doesn’t know about your other mistress-es“, Brian chuckled, as I settled back within my blankets.
Ever since I had re-initiated my chats with Mincy, Brian has been accusing me of ‘cheating‘ on Missy ! Till then, he used to see Missy as his sister-in-law, or as he called her, ‘Bhabhiji !!
Mistress happens to married men. And, I’ve just been chatting with her on facebook!! If that makes her my mistress, Brian, then you have dozens. After all you are my ‘guru’ “.
Don’t know if giving you the knowledge was a right thing. You’ve been cheating on our dear sister-in-law, Missy. And talking about myself, I don’t even talk to any girl these days … “, Brian said in artificial astonishment.
The rest of the room-mates, Hank, Andy and I exchanged startled looks.
Oh really? Is that so ?“, started Andy, ” In that case, you probably wouldn’t mind me checking your Whatsapp, would you?“.
And the centre of attack shifted to Brian. Hank and I continued enjoying the debate, and Andy leaving Brian red-faced with every word he spoke…


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