Mincy Gets Back In

Did you wish Happy Birthday to Brian on my behalf ?“, Missy asked.
It was Brian’s birthday, and the evening of the prom. Brian was still panicking in the room about his dresses, and I was talking to Missy over the phone.
Yeah, I did. And he asked me to thank you on his behalf“. It was a blatant lie.
So, how did you guys enjoy ?
Ohh, we enjoyed a lot“, I said, remembering the midnight GPL ceremony, “and he’s going to enjoy right now“.
What do you mean he’s ‘going to enjoy’ ?
Brian is going to dance at the prom with Mia tonight
Mia ? His girlfriend, Mia ?“, Missy asked.
Well, Brian says she’s his ‘best friend‘, so I’m gonna stick to that term
How come you didn’t go to prom ? Wait, I know, because you don’t know how to dance. No worries. I’ll teach you.
Umm.. yeah, that could also be a plausible reason“, I said mildly. It was hardly the reason.
Hardly anybody knew to dance there. Most of the guys going to the prom were watching YouTube video at that last moment on how to dance. Brian even practised dancing with Hank before going to the prom !
What other problem could be there with you ?“, Missy said it like she was complimenting me.
Ummm.. problem in.. finding a partner, maybe“, I replied the obvious, hesitating a bit.
I had a very limited social circle, and I had absolutely no acquaintance with any girl in my college.
Or outside my college. Except Missy, and a bit with Mincy and Bernice till then.
C’mon Abby. Why are you such a girl ? Be a man. What is the worst that could happen if you asked a girl out ? A slap maybe ? .. blah.. blah.. blah..
BE A MAN !! Really ? That’s what it has got into now ? That was the worst disapproval ever.
What did she want me to do ? Talk to load of girls ?

Earlier that day..
onl9 so late ? wat did u do d whole day ?
After Brian’s GPL was over, I had opened fb and found Mincy online. Generally her hostel’s wifi got cut off at midnight.
in the reading room mostly
‘course.. u’re vry studious..
I’m not studious
u shud write ‘Reading Room’ in ur address..

Ever since I came to college, my chats with both Mincy and Bernice had lessened. In the whole of August I had chatted with Mincy on barely 5-6 occasions, and it was mostly limited to formalities of ‘hi-hello-hws u’ . But after having the above phone conversation with Missy, for some reason, my tendency to stay online and chat increased. Bernice was a tough nut to crack. My chats with her never got very far. But in d remaining 3 weeks of September, I chatted with Mincy almost every single day.
And not short ‘hi-hello’ chats. They were long.
Pretty long.

In the course of our chats, I found out some pretty astounding facts about Mincy. Like she belonged to a different religion. And that my city was not her original home. During her schooling, her father was transferred here. Now, she’s in a different state. And her father has been transferred to a nearby city in that state. Her original home is in a different district, etc etc. It was quite clear that Mincy probably would never again visit my city.
Consequently, Mincy had made a prophecy that we’d never meet again.
This post comes 11 months after I had started to chat with Mincy ‘seriously’. And sadly, her prophecy has been proven wrong.

Coming up next..  My Suicide Attempt, and other stories.


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