Brian Goes to Prom

It was the time of the first college fest of the academic year. The 10th edition of VERVE, organised by the Literary Circle (LC) of our college, was being held that weekend.

‘The Masquerade’, more commonly known as ‘The Prom Night’, was a dancing event for couples organised at a nearby Hotel ‘Citi Residency’.

About 3-4 days before The Prom Night..

Brian and Mia happened to be each other’s best friends at that time. They still remain so, to the best of my knowledge.

That evening, Brian asked Mia.

Are you going to the Prom ?
I would like to. But let a good friend ask me first !
Soo.. As a good friend of yours, if I ask you, will you go to the Prom with me?
Yeah.. Okk“, she replied.

Really, Guruji !! How do you do that ?

Well, there’s a reason you call me ‘Guruji’!! But I’ve got to say, asking the girl was just the beginning. The difficult part was yet to come..“, Brian says today.

Arranging for a Pass..

The Prom Night is a favourite among outgoing final year couples. Only a few seats remain vacant after they occupy theirs. Getting a Pass for a Second Year couple, that too just three days before the event was very difficult.

Next to impossible“, they said, when our Brian asked his contacts in LC if he
could get a Pass.

There was a Plan B though. One of our friends had won a free Pass to ‘The Masquerade’, a.k.a. Prom Night in one of the events of VERVE, but he didn’t have a partner to go with. Brian met him that very night and asked if he could have his Pass. And he did agree too.

But fate decided that this story must not be so bland. It turned out that the Prize ticket was non-transferable !! And once again, Brian was back to square one

So, Brian did what he had to. He went up and got his name enrolled for a Pass by paying the fee. And he pinned his hopes for the impossible to happen.

The day of the Prom arrived(i.e. Brian’s birthday!), but still there was no surety of the Pass. Brian’s contact in LC wasn’t picking up his phone. On the other hand, Mia had called several times for a confirmation. Brian’s head was bursting with tension. But at last his prayers were heard. Brian’s call was picked up finally, and he was instructed to meet a specific organiser.

That was some hottie, who gave me that Pass 😉“, Brian jokes.

Brian also had to receive the Pass for his another friend, Bridget. Apparently her prom-date was too busy. To this day, we’re not sure why!!

Dressing Up..

Okay.. Which one of these two ?“, Brian finally shortlisted two shirts from his designer wardrobe ‘collection’. About a dozen lay on his bed now, rejected.

Wear that one“, I pointed to the one in his right hand.

Okay, so not this one“, he did the exact opposite.
What’s the hurry ? It’s just five o’clock.. you said it has been postponed till seven !!“, I asked.
Arre.. I’ve got to take those madams too.. If I target for seven, we’ll reach at nine

Brian and Mia were going with Bridget and her prom-date. We couldn’t get his name properly till date. He was not available in his room, and was scarcely available on his phone. Anyway, they called an auto and reached the ladies hostel to pick up the girls.

As expected, the ladies weren’t dressed up till then. So they waited.. and waited.. and kept waiting..

And there they were. The word ‘they’ looses its significance because I was only noticing the one – Mia. With my eyes the widest possible and my mind roaring all the possible ways to describe her, I watched her approach. Her gentle hi was met by a confused brain trying to frame the most suitable compliment. And all I could manage to say was, ‘Wow, you look beautiful tonight’

Anyways, they reached the venue where the gala evening was waiting for them. Can’t tell you much about it, since I wasn’t there. Brian had dedicated a song to Mia that night, “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs. The night went smoothly, and Brian came back to our room at arBrian and Mia at the Promound 10:30 pm after dropping Mia back to her hostel.

This was Brian’s story of going to prom. But I put it in my blog because something else happened that night too. My story doesn’t end here. Something  that night made me reroute a major part of my limited social life. Keep Reading !!


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