Full Moon Night

Can you see the moon from there ?‘ Missy asked.
Yeah.. Its full moon today‘ I replied.
Isn’t it beautiful to look at ?
I was stumped by Missy’s sudden recognition of the poetic beauty of the moon. I took a bit time to reply.
Yeah, it’s really nice. This place is all lighted up by the moonlight. The darkness of nighttime is-
Shut up, Abby ! Look at the moon, not the moonlight‘, Missy snapped at me.
Preaching the usefulness of moonlight would be very natural, considering the place I was sitting. It was one of the darkest corners near my room, under the sky. Walking in a wrong direction could lead to falling one floor down, and hit the concrete floor beneath. A little misdirected light is always welcome there. I always went there when I had a call from Missy. It was my ‘private’ spot.
I love to watch the moon. Especially, on a full moon day. I feel so great and alive watching the full moon. I sit on the balcony till I fall asleep‘, Missy had started talking again.
I always knew that you were a werewolf‘, I just could prevent that.
Shut up, Abby. Can’t you ever be serious‘, Missy roared on the other end.

Calls between me and Missy had become pretty frequent, occasionally interrupted by the evergrowing phone bills and bad network. So, when my SMS pack ran out, I decided against renewing it, since we were calling so much anyway.
My excessive engagement with phone became quite noticeable. Soon rumours spread, chiefly fuelled by none other than Brian, that I had found a girlfriend and got committed with her and what not.

I’m narrating an incident that was particularly memorable, as embarrassing and disturbing though.

I was talking to Missy over the phone one fine evening. Suddenly, the crazy part of Brian woke up.
He began shouting at Missy, “Good Evening,Bhabhi‘”, and invited everybody in our wing to do the same.
Rare are the people who would want to miss a free circus, and soon enough, a bunch a guys were shouting “Good Evening, Bhabhi” in front of my phone.
For non-Indians, ‘Bhabhi‘, in Missy’s mother-tongue, means sister-in-law. That is, they were referring to Missy as my wife !!
I was pretty dumbfounded by Brian’s sudden stunt, while Missy listened to all the rattle from the other side, laughing to herself.
Thankfully, she took it pretty light-heartedly. When everything cooled down, she just asked me to hand over the phone to Brian.
I handed over the phone to Brian, looking at him like ‘You got trouble, brother‘.
Brian at first tried to resist, but relented soon enough.
Hello, Bhabhiji‘, he spoke as if she was a kidnapper asking for ransom, yet not giving up the name-calling.
I don’t exactly know the conversation that went down there, but what I heard went something like
Yeah, I know your name.. I thoughtBhabhiji is a cute name.. blah.. blah
I don’t know who won and who lost. But Brian never created such a scene anymore. But the damage had been done. And hence ‘incidents’ became more prevalent.


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