Missy’s B’day Treat (Part – III)

So, we were waiting for our orders to arrive. Meanwhile, she began talking this and that, and I continued listening, occasionally nodding or throwing in a question. But inside, I didn’t listen to a single word. I don’t remember a single thing she talked about. However almost a year later, when we review that day, Missy says we made a good conversation, no awkward silences.

Once both of our orders arrived, we began eating. I took out my mobile to click her pics. Brian had repeatedly reminded me to take a lot of photos, but till then, it hadn’t crossed my mind.
As soon as she saw the camera, she hid her face. I clicked a pic anyway. Then, on my insistence, she loosened up and let me take her photos. But only after she made me promise to not upload her pics on facebook, or show them to anyone. Not even to my roomies !!!
One complaint that Missy still makes about that day is, that I was continuously staring at her. As if something was wrong with her, or her face.

And as promised her, I would state the reason here. The actual reason.

Brian shares the responsibility for this, along with me. Not that I’m trying to sell out my friend to save my face. Forgive me Brian, but you know this is just plain truth.

A few hours before we met, I had asked Brian for some tips. Of the many he did give, one was, ‘Look at her eyes if you don’t know where to look’. Being one of my greatest buddies, Brian surely knew the tendencies of my eyesight 😉 So that’s what I did. I looked only at Missy’s eyes for the major portion of our time together. Awkward it did turn anyway. But for Missy, not me 😛

Anyway, after we finished off with the food, we got ourselves a cold drink each, outside the mall. The cold drinks slowly ran out, as did our fun hours together. It was time to say goodbye.
I walked her to the bus stand, and watched her bus leave.
Then, as Brian had suggested, I texted her “Missing You Already“.
And I began walking back towards my hostel, the pasta in a tiffin box in my hands, and her band on my wrist. Missy’s bus crossed by me. I saw her through one of the windows. She was busy paying the bus fare.
As I entered my college gates, I found some guys sitting there, whom I knew.
As soon as they saw me, in the better of my dress-ups, they knew something was up. Specially so, since it was friendship day. I had no option but to confess that I was out with a friend.
But then one of them noticed the huge friendship band on my hand. And, suddenly, he hugged me, saying ” Welcome to the FRIENDZONE “.


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