Missy’s B’day Treat (Part – II)

And there she was, finally, standing in front of me, ending all the moments of nervousness and anxiety. Fulfilling my longing to physically see her.
She wasn’t very beautiful, or enchanting, and I knew that. Neither did she look her best. Her yellow dress probably cut off her cuteness. Her spa-treated hair was ravaged by the over-speeding bus. She looked entirely different than her photos. The camera does ‘take away’ a ton, if clicked properly !!

But it felt lovely anyway. To actually see her, her smile. Not through a digital ‘smiley’ or a photograph, but the actual inherent one. I don’t really have much words to explain that feeling.

Finally !“, were the words that came out of my mouth. “Nervous?“, I asked her as we shook hands. She was. And me too. We both knew.
I handed her the gifts. At first, She didn’t want to accept the packet. But when I said I’d leave the packet there if she didn’t take it, she relented.

We had planned to see a movie, and then have lunch. We checked the movie timings and decided to see a particular ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag‘ that was running then. Since we had some time before the show started, we sat down in a restaurant. We had decided on the restaurant beforehand. Turns out, she knows every decent restaurant in my city, and is a quite frequent visitor !! The employees there knew her pretty well.

She walked up to a Kwality Wall’s, and took ice-cream, while I refused. So she took two spoons, and forced me to take a few bites from her ice-cream.
She chose to sit in a very far corner of the restaurant. Sitting there, she began opening her gift. She probably liked the MUG. She said it was nice. At the time of writing this post, however, that mug is no longer in a single piece.

Also, she had cooked pasta for me, and brought it in a tiffin box. I tasted a bit while sitting there. And it was so good. I didn’t share it with my room-mates when I came back. Ate it all alone. And she brought me a big Friendship Band, to commemorate ‘Friendship Day’. That band still lies among my other belongings.

Finishing the ice-cream, we headed towards the movie theaters. It was a really long but a pretty nice movie.

Coming out of the hall, we began discussing our favourite scenes, how the plot twisted, what was good and what was bad. Then Missy came back to her usual naughty mood. She began insisting that I had cried during one of the scenes, which I did NOT. We argued like children, but she kept on insisting that I had cried, and that I was ashamed to admit it.

Anyway, we reached the restaurant, and she ordered a burger, and baby corn, and something called ‘Uthhapam’ for me. Apparently, the chefs inside also knew her, ‘coz her orders arrived in a matter of minutes, while mine took ages!!! :/

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