Missy’s B’Day Treat (Part – I)

Missy’s birthday was on 26th July. But the Treat could happen only two weeks later, when she could arrange some time to come to my city.

3rd August, 2013 : The day before we were to meet

I had to find a birthday present for her. And as always, I turned to my guruji for help.
My Guruji-cum-roomie, none other Brian, is a person with unquestionable experience and a fortune of his own, regarding charming women, as-to-date.

He suggested the common ‘first present’, a COFFEE MUG. And hence, I dragged him down to nearest departmental store to browse through their collection and help me choose a nice coffee mug.

Half of the mugs had hearts made on them, which I rejected at first sight.
Then we found a variety that was the perfect one. Each cup for a different Zodiac Sign.
Here’s Aquarius, and this one’s… umm… Capricorn… What did you say her sign was ?
I don’t know. Look for the dates“.

But I guess the zodiac signs were against us that day…
After a few minutes of looking, we called in help. And sadly, all the cups that said ‘LEO : July 23-August 22‘ were sold out !!!
Anyway, we kept looking and finally a blue cup caught my eye, which was pretty. Sky Blue being Missy’s favourite colour, we finalized our gift.
We got that one packed, and bought some chocolates, and finally came back to hostel.

Sunday, 4th August : Friendship Day

I hope you’ll take a bath at least today ? ” , Brian asked, his eyes gleaming with excitement, even more than mine.
Yes, yes !! “, I pacified him.
When is she arriving ?
She’s already boarded a bus, should be here in 70-80 minutes“, I replied.
Please don’t be late. Go.. go.. take your bath quickly“, Brian said, concerned “Nothing must go wrong today“.
Something did get wrong. Missy’s bus somehow caught a super-fast speed. When I returned from bathroom, she had almost reached my city.

Buses ! They never catch a super-fast speed when I want them to !!!

So I quickly slipped into my jeans and tees, put on my shoes, while three roomies spraying a deo each, from three directions. I grabbed the packet that contained the gifts, and ran towards the mall where Missy was waiting for me.
Reaching outside the mall, I called Missy and asked her to come outside. Minutes later, she came out from the mall through a side exit..
Read on for the rest of the story..


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