Just A Detour ;)

With Missy pestering me every now and then to update my blog, I’ll be taking a little detour in this particular post. In the following post, I’d be talking about the first time we saw each other since our chats, SMS and calls had begun. But for once, in this particular post, allow me to immerse into something I really appreciate…

I’m gonna type down the translation for a lovely song ‘My Foreign Star’, that is originally in Bengali..

Detour is it really ? You decide.. 😉

My foreign star, solitary in the night sky
You played the ektara right next to my hut
Just before dusk, someone calls out your name
On whose chest do you hide your face? Who do you tell your tale?
My sleepless star, your house is so far
My frightened face, I am nothing but a novice.

My sky-wandering kite, Some false tales of pride.
Close my eyes with light, give me a peaceful, soothing mat
You are as lovely as a mother, but yet I walk all alone
My ektara is out of tune, And you don’t listen a word I say
Why is this hurry, watch your steps while crossing this road.

The dust doesn’t touch you, the two morsels of food on my plate
Place your hands on my body, and smear your hands with water
Please become the sleep of my eyes, on my depressed night
My sleepless star, your sky touching house
I cannot reach you, I feel so lonely all alone.


I’m thankful to a particular blog, this translation is a slight modification of the one provided there..

Listen to the original song here..


Any Suggestions ?

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