The First Conversation

My vacations had ended by mid-July as did my brief acquaintance with Mincy and Bernice. My friendship with Missy, which was on the brim, had been abruptly truncated when her data card malfunctioned.

I went back to college on 15th July.
New room, new hostel assigned to a new ‘us’, Sophomores. A bit of feeling ‘senior’, mixed with a junior-at-heart. New wing-mates were introduced and a new mess began serving new dishes (Thank God !!). Then began the classes. Same old irritation, met with a new vigour.
With all the liveliness around, I missed talking with Missy. Amidst the registrations and fee payments, I decided to renew contact with her through SMS. I got an SMS pack in no time, and before we knew it, we were back in constant touch.

We began talking all the time, the morning, before classes, after classes, and before going to sleep. My roomies always spotted me smiling at my phone, and soon they started to question my sanity.

On the other hand, Missy’s birthday was approaching. According to Brian, it was the right opportunity to step up, and call her up on her birthday. But before that could happen…

It was 23rd July, I was idling in my room, when a call from an unknown number came. I picked it up, and some lady asked me if she was talking to ‘Abby’, i.e. me. After confirming that, I asked for her identity. And guess who it was ?

Missy !!

And this time, it was not a prank call like before !!
I immediately faced a loss of words. Talking through social media and talking directly were entirely different, such a disturbing truth it is.
On enquiry, I found out that her roommates were drunk, and she’d been feeling lonely.

After initial formalities, just when the conversation seemed to come to a standstill, Missy asked for a time-out. One of her drunk roomies needed to be attended to.
After disconnecting the phone, I rushed to Brian, my mentor, asking him for suggestions. I don’t quite remember what he said at that time, but I do remember that the rest of the conversation went smoothly.
One of the funniest moments was when she asked, ‘Abby, how does my voice sound to you ?
Its nice, why do you ask ? ‘, I replied trying to keep myself in the safe-zone.
Because, my friends say that my voice sounds like a guy on the phone‘, she said, in a melancholy tone.


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