Bare Beginnings

For a nerd like me, asking a girl’s number is a milestone. In case of Missy, however, I didn’t have to ask.
Once, to compare our study loads, I asked her the average thickness of her books. She answered abstractly “just normal, not too thick“. So, I replied:
gv me a number, dude
Apparently my message had been misinterpreted, as if I was asking for ‘her’ number.

I saw a chance of gain in this, so instead of clearing it up, I replied :
yes… if u want to

y do u need my number?
first u gv it, den I’ll call n tell u
okk. my no is 9870xxxxxx. but dont call me at ni8 ok
y? is calling at ni8 banned at ur PG ?
no, i just dont lyk it.
ok, I wont call u. Actually, I ws nt asking fr ur no either…
And I cleared up the confusion. Her reaction was :
stupid ! cudnt u tell me before ?

A few weeks Later…

June 21, 2013   Around 9:15 am

Ring ring !!‘ my phone sounded, Missy’s face on it for the first time !
So, this was it.. I was actually gonna talk to her..
Brian’s advice began flashing before my eyes, “First impression is very important
Anyways, I picked up the phone, and with the nicest tone, said, “Hello“.
And again I said hello.
And then again.
But there was no reply from the other side.
I assumed that it was some network error. So, I disconnected, and then called her up.
The phone was picked up, and then disconnected in a few seconds.
A minute later, Missy called again.
Again I picked up, a similar incident happened, but, there was a laughter in the background. Invariably a feminine one.
I left hope, put it on silent, and went off to attend to other chores. In the meantime, Missy had called again, attracting the attention of my mom. She brought the phone to me, and asked about Missy.
Later on, while chatting online, I told Missy
my mom saw ur picture today
my picture? how?
she saw d contact image, when u calld
shit!! hw did u knw I calld
So, Missy had been prank calling me ! So much for the feminists who denounce all guys for prank calling all ‘innocent’ girls.
u gave me ur no, remember?
I frgot.. So, which picture of mine did she see ? … What did she say ? … What did she ask ? … What did you tell her ? …

We did have an actual phonetic conversation (and a lot more) eventually. But that’s another story..


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