The earliest mischiefs

Penning down the thoughts revolving in my mind during the first few chats with any girl is quite easy. It should’ve been, for any normal girl. But then, every other girl I ever talked to doesn’t appear on my blog either.
Over the past few months of my tumultuous acquaintance with Missy, I’ve experienced a range of her moods. She’d been formal and funny, emotional and stoical, grinning and sad, helpful and tantrum-throwing, energetic and exhausted, highly motivated and depressed. This makes its all the more difficult to trace back to the earliest ones.
The most primitive chats began by enquiring about our courses and occasionally cracking a joke or two on them. Soon I got a lot more humorous with her than with anybody else. In this context, there was one incident that was particularly amusing, and very much worth sharing.

who’s this julian ?
Missy asked me one fine morning, while chatting, which by then had become quite regular.

I know a Julian frm collg. Y? wat happnd?
He sent me a frnd req, shud I accept?
No, cuz u dont know him
or, yes, if u want allies in ur fb games etc. Ur choice

I mean, is he a good person?
Yes, he’s gud
actually, he’s so good, u shud consider marrying him, I’d say
Uff, shut up Abby…
y cant u take something seriously

So, I suggested an novel plan. I asked Missy to message Julian “Abby says I’m a Block. What does a Block mean ?” and decide based on the reply. (‘Block’ in our college lingo meant ‘stupid’. Missy didn’t know this, but being my batchmate, Julian did)
After that, I went offline.
In the evening, I got a call from Julian.
Firstly, he asked me how I knew Missy. Then he told me how crazy Missy was, and how she drove him crazy, tormented him in the few hours he has had to deal with her.
It took me a while to believe that Missy had actually followed my novel plan !!
After consoling Julian, and hanging up the phone, I had a good laugh…
When Missy came to know the meaning of ‘block’, she was furious. But I was able to cool her down, saying, ‘he doesn’t know you, you don’t know him, so what’s the big deal


Any Suggestions ?

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