Leap of Faith

Fast Forward
Zooming in into the consequences of my summer adventures over facebook.
As holidays ended on 15 July of 2013, college started, life was reset to ‘hostel’ mode. My acquaintance with Missy heightened. Facebook and chatting took a back seat while we messaged each other, a lot. On the night of 23rd July, she called me up, and I survived through the first phone call. Frequency of messages and calls increased.

1st August, 2013

Beep‘, the phone buzzed with an incoming message.
Your facebook account was accessed by an unknown browser at 20:05. Log in for more info. To reply send SMS to 09232232665
1 Aug. 2013 8:05PM
From : +918082780827
I showed it to Hank, and said, “Its surely Missy. She finally put it to use“. Hank smiled assertively, “Change it tomorrow“.

A day ago, 31 July '13

Missy had been sending some of her pics to me, and I was taunting her, as always. Suddenly she wrote
give me ur passwrd
wat ????
yes gv me ur a/c n passwrd
of fb

There was a vibration. A musical note from it told me that I had a call.
Brian yelled, “Run, run, its Missy. Go to your private place
Brian was correct, word-to-word. No credits to him though. Only calls I ever used to get were from Missy and my mum.
Hello ?
C’mon, I asked for your password” Missy’s mischievous tone came out of the device.
Why do you want it?
Just like that. No reason. You’re gonna give me that or what ?
Not unless I get a good reason to” I replied.
Why? don’t you have trust in me?
Five minutes of blackmailing, diplomacy and futile negotiation attempts later, I hung up the phone pretending it to be bad network. That bought me some time to think over the possibility of handing over my account.

The head and heart debate
There’s nothing to hide. If you gave her access, she wouldn’t discover any secrets. And you still have your email. You will not loose your account. – my heart presented its argument.
And what do you gain? Giving away your account to someone you haven’t seen yet. Remember this very well, you still talk to a facebook account, a phone number, a voice, a ghost identity. – my head reasoned.
But you cannot disregard the proofs we have for establishing her existence. It you do this, you make a leap in trust-ability and confidence she has on you. – the heart lighted hope, already overpowered.
Keep your proofs with yourself. We’ve all seen how good they were last time.– the head roared at me.
Well, Mr. Head. If there’s nothing to gain, is there anything really to lose either? I think its pretty much worth the risk.
The head fumbled and mumbled, but couldn’t make out a reply.

The decision
Brian, on hearing her request, said “Dude, beware, this girl’s trying to become your wife.
But the decision was made and I finally typed my username and password, and pressed send. Quite a Leap of Faith by my standards.


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