Brian’s Tutorials

8th May, 2013

Following is what Brian taught me on the last day as first years, just before the vacations. Then he boarded his train home, wishing me luck for my ventures in the vacations…

The first chat with a girl is very important. It is the base for your any future chats. It is equivalent to the ‘first impression‘ at an interview (however, getting an impression of someone over fb chat is not very wise). Its important that you make it humourous, and interesting.
Look for common interests and links. It can help you carry on your chat.Luckily for me, I know a bit of painting, and most girls, starting with the one in my department to the one with whom we faced ragging, all would name their hobby as painting.
Then there were the subjects they learnt, what they liked, which ones they poured scorn on. Their favourites, and their dislikes. There are plenty to talk.
The important thing is to evaluate the mood of you target, through the replies. If you feel you are dragging the conversation, its better to stop than to ruin your future chances with her. The toughest points in a conversation come up when the replies are like ‘hmm’, ‘ok’, ‘yeah’. You must bypass these dead points by picking up a new query, or choosing a new topic. Repeated dead points indicate fading interest.
If your chats lasts steadily for an hour or more, you’re all set to go in deep.
A very important thing is keeping in mind every little detail she mentions, (for example, her future plans) and ask about them later on. This way, you will not be at a loss of words while chatting. Also, you will be able to gain an incursion into her everyday life and showcase your interest in her.
Make your presence felt a little. Comment jokingly on her photo(s) or status, if you have not already done that.
Call her names, give her a special name at some stage, that would be a very personal touch.

Get to know the real Brian, how he plays his game 😉 … Follow this link…


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