The Targets (Continued)

I already wrote before about the start of my venture this vacation with Bernice. The two others, Mincy and Missy, were my schoolmates too. Different schools though.


Mincy, like Bernice, had been my classmate in 11th and 12th grade. And I had barely talked to her at school. And I probably wouldn’t have ever talked to her online either, unless, one evening towards the end of first year...

I used to be online on fb a lot. I would just idle away my time scrolling through the news-feed. My roomies, Brian and Hank, were fed up seeing me wasting my time staring at my mobile (and not studying at all). Also, for them, fb was meant for chatting with friends only, just reading the news-feed was under-utilization of the Facebook. So they decided to teach me a lesson. And so they did.

One fateful evening, while I was not very cautious about my phone, Hank opened the list of online friends, and sent a ‘hi’ to a girl’s name he liked the most.
The girl was Mincy.
I noticed the message a few seconds after it was sent. There already was a reply. . . Image

After that, for a few days, I kept talking to her, where she was studying, questioning about her college, her likes, dislikes. The habit faded off as exams approached, and it was gone before I knew. And hence, our talking over facebook started at the first place.


Reconnecting with Missy, however, was not accidental. One day, while sitting in the Computer Center of my college surfing net, her friend request came. I couldn’t recognize her by her name. But as soon as I looked at her profile picture, I recognized her.

After 5th grade, I had changed my school, and had lost contact with my previous classmates. I was happy to get back in touch after around 7-8 years.

We had a formal chat at that time, exchanging information about our present colleges.
However, during the vacation, the highest volume of chat, and the funniest chat turned out to have taken place with Missy. Also this blog was created on her request and continues due to her constant poking. How? Well, read more in the next post…


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