Vacations Started !!

Long vacations have a definite undeniable pattern. Before they start, we count and recount the number of days remaining. We make lofty plans. And when the holidays DO start, these plans fall apart, much like New Years Resolutions. We’d rather hangout with friends, and get copious amounts of sleep. Again, around the middle of the vacations, we’d improvise on our plan, and decide to kick-start the rest in ‘the next week’, that gradually turns to last week, and suddenly, the vacation would feel ‘too short’.
This vacation, my target was to befriend a few girls. Armed with advises from Brian, I began my endeavour by the second week of my vacation. Well, definitely this was a vacation plan I was very excited about…
I started by pinpointing those regularly online, or I have a tiny history of chatting with them. It comprised mostly of my former schoolmates.
I started chatting with many people, and seriously with around 5-6 girls. By the third week, my interest finally converged into three of them. I’ll be calling them Bernice, Mincy, and Missy in this blog, for the sake of anonymity…


Bernice had been my classmate in 11th and 12th grade. When other girls were seen reading sentimental love stories, she would be practicing sums from a coaching class.

My earliest encounter with her online was a year back, in 2012, when we were busy settling the direction of our higher studies, according to our ranks in some nation-wide or state-wide aptitude tests. My admission to my preferred college was already confirmed, and I was having a leisurely time. She, however, hadn’t done very well and was still waiting for an allotment. Moreover, her father was about to undergo a critical surgery in another city.

Her message on fb had surprised me. I had never talked to her, ever, even in class. She asked me about the procedure of admission, and I tried to help her with my very little experience. The next day, she had to go see her father, as well as appear for admission purposes. And she went through all, more deftly than I imagined !

We had continued our chat for some more days. I do not exactly recall how or when we stopped. Probably our connection was cut off when I went to college, and the mobile network there was really bad. I never thought that I’d re-initiate the chat.
5th May, 2013 was the date when I sent a ‘Hi…’


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