Tracing Back

May 8, 2013
My roomies and me posing on the roof of Hall 9

My roomies and me posing on the roof of Hall 9

Our semester exams had finished two days ago. We were in a very light mood, chatting and watching movies, and roaming here and there the day before. The two-month long holidays had started as soon as the exams finished. Many of us who had bought their tickets in advance, had already left. The mess had closed, for good, and all of us happily obliged to the compulsion of eating out. By morning 10 o’clock, almost whole hostel was empty. The following year, we would be shifting to another hostel. This hostel will then be opened for the new first years, and our entry to it will become illegal.

A few guys were still loitering on the corridors. Some of their tickets probably got cancelled, or some couldn’t get a ticket. Some still had hangover from the post-exam celebrations. Few others, like me, who had the luxury of having his home nearby, had stayed back to cherish one last day in the shades of Hall-9 with friends.

Room 229, Hall-9… This had been my address for the last one year in college. This is where I met my roommates, who turned out to be among the best of my friends. Without the usual hustle bustle, the hostel now looks like a deserted beehive, with hundreds of empty rooms, that had served out its purpose.
I have been chatting with my roommate, Brian (name changed) for a while. Brian will be leaving for Uttar Pradesh tonight. I’d be seeing him off as he boards his train for a 24-hr journey to home. Everybody else in the room had already left by then.
We have been chatting on a multitude of topics, but everything eventually came down the favourite topic we boys have… Girls!!! …

Now, Brian was an experienced, well-established, and well-accredited person in this field, and I’m a nobody. So, we were having an in-depth study of our experiments, experiences, and hypotheses on women’s nature, their likes, dislikes, sensibilities, and most importantly, how to get them, what kind would we prefer. Being a newbie, I was voraciously grasping every tip and warning that Brain had to offer.
At some point, he asked me,
“How many lady friends do you have ? “
– “I surely do have some friends… but just the ‘hi-hello’ type, not very close
“No, I mean good friends, with whom you can joke and chat, y’know ? “
“Well, all of them are like ‘not-enemy-hence-friend’ type. I dont remember any girl being a proper friend, atleast, not recently”
“Then you should definitely get a few lady friends. Y’know, having girls as your friends results in… “
And he went on speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of having girls as friends, and how they influenced him.
He talked about how to talk to girls, what could be my positive points and what factors could work against me. In all, he gave me enough headstart to start chatting with a few girls this vacation. A whole new adventure awaited me that vacation…


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