The Story Till Now…

Back in May of 2012, when ending my first year at college, I had made a few lady friends, according to Brian’s advice. You’ll find many short and funny incidents scattered throughout this blog.

Memories of College

My blog mentions multiple characters as it unravels. Principal among them are Brian and Hank, my roommates since first year. I’ve adopted the name ‘Abby’.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>As the vacations ended, we came back as sophomores. About time for Brian’s birthday, when he went to prom with Mia. Then there were the diabolical exams.

As the exams ended, we went for a one-day-trip. To Kolkata, the city of joy.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

I visited South India with my parents and grandma during winter..

The fourth semester was a wild ride, competing in Autonomous Robotics along with Edison, a  proposal for Mincy ( but not in the way you think 😉 ), and a few birthdays. As the end of the semester dawned, the story of this blog completed a year !!


p style=”text-align:justify;”>And hence, another vacation came, bringing some more memories to store. This time the trip was to Bhubaneswar, for software-coaching, and ofcourse to have a merry time. We ventured to a new tourist spot of Bhubaneswar every Sunday. Towards the end, I finally did meet Mincy, which had seemed almost impossible so far.


Meeting Mincy (Part – III)


4 thoughts on “The Story Till Now…

    • Yeah.. unfortunate, but it wasn’t that quick, though..
      These events span over about a year, and towards the end, Missy began to be crazy and boring at the same time !! (that’s a pretty dangerous combo 😛 )
      As for calling her a ‘werewolf’, it was worth the fun 😉
      My acquaintance with Missy ended in much dramatic way 😛 Stay tuned 😀 …


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